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Portrait of a woman's face covered in paint

The Ecstasy of Surrender

Immersive and sensual paint pouring experiences to
unlock creativity

A body coated in light blue and pink paint.
a collaborative process of getting messy and playful

Imagine setting aside your daily armor and allowing your favorite colors to wash down on your body, releasing inhibitions and surrendering to the inner child or wild animal yearning to come out and play. This collaborative paint-pouring experience will awaken your senses and invite your raw expression to be embodied.
Abstract paint splattered on a canvas.

The Process

We offer collaborative and messy experiences that include pouring paint over the body. The intention is to celebrate creativity and connect with a primal playfulness. The messiness invites exploration and disarms fears.
The sensualness invites embodiment and tactile joy.

A reclined woman's torso coated in yellow and orange paint.

Immersive Paint Pouring Experiences

 Paint pouring includes play, color, making a mess and discovering new pathways for expression. We  work together in crafting a scene that explores your imagination and embodied creativity.  

Side profile of a person's face with gold paint.

Photo & Video Documentation

Photography and video capture the process and provide another avenue for expression. You may desire to engage the camera and play to it, or allow it to simply be a witness, creating a journal of what you’ve experienced.

Painting of a woman's face covered in paint.

Original Artwork For Your Home

During each scene we use  paper and canvas to capture body prints, splatters and  abstract washes of color. These can be beautiful pieces to display. We can also create original drawings and paintings from the process.

Interested in Collaborating?

Send a message with your ideas and questions. We will follow up within a day or two. Our current studio location is in San Francisco. Travel to other locations is also possible. Package options and pricing will be provided in our reply. 

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