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An Introduction

The Ecstasy of Surrender is a project created by artist Wesley Cabral. We offer immersive experiences and photo shoots with an emphasis on making a mess, playful art making and creative collaboration. Our signature experience is paint poured over the body as a unique way to disarm inhibition and explore embodied creativity. It’s an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate your body. You can become the muse, the artist or both!

Artist Bio
Wesley Cabral

I began The Ecstasy of Surrender project in 2013 as way to ignite my own creative process. The idea of having paint poured over my body felt liberating. It was a kind of purification and I found it helped to unravel stuck energy.  I described it as a process of surrender. Initially, I began getting other people involved to generate new reference material for drawings and paintings. The photography was gorgeous and I created a series of pastel paintings  from  the material. The photo shoots were also incredibly fun and I watched my collaborators take delight in having paint poured over them. They described the feeling as ecstatic and it showed in how they moved and reacted to the paint.  Several years later, I returned to the idea. I became aware of how unique and liberating the experience was for everyone involved. I watched people's creativity and playfullness emerge as they indulged the mess and vibrant colors of the paint. I began experimenting with other materials like charcoal. I did collaborations with local Shibari artists incorporating paint pouring into rope scenes. All along I continued to create drawings and paintings from these experiences. I've decided to offer the paint pouring experience as a service to those interested in unusual and playful ways to explore their creativity and relationship to their body. It's a unique opportunity to make a huge, colorful mess, to be witnessed in your expression and to make some art like a kid again.

Artist Workshop
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