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Each session, or scene includes paint pouring, photo shoot and artwork to take home.  Continue reading to discover more about how we work. If you're interested in booking, or want to learn more use the contact form to reach out. Each session is unique and custom to your ideas, desires and inspiration.


Immersive Paint Pouring

We start with a conversation and guiding questions to develop ideas, intentions and an overall feeling for the scene. A main feature of the experience is having paint poured over your body. You’re invited to indulge this in any way that inspires your inner artist or muse. Movement, playing with the material, sounds, sensuality, laughter and tears are all welcome. Canvas or paper will be available to explore painting and printing with your body. This can be interactive or something you tap into for yourself.  We can also play with other materials if you have an idea for something other than paint.  Sessions start at 2 hrs and can be longer if desired. They can be solo, or with multiple people. Any kind of clothing or costume is welcome. Shedding cloths entirely is also appropriate. The experience is one of collaborative art making. We provide the space and materials to play. Bring any ideas, motifs, archetypes or visuals you would like to explore. We will also provide guidance and coaching to help shape the scene.

Photo & Video

We work with photography and video to document the process and to provide another avenue for expression. You may desire to engage the camera and play to it, or allow it to simply be a witness, creating a journal of what you’ve experienced. After your session we provide a set of photos and video to keep for your self and share with your community.  You’re also welcome to request no photography or video. The space is yours to explore.



With a  background in drawing and painting, as we've developed this project it has inspired new works of art. An additional feature we offer is original artwork for you to keep. During each session abstract washes of color and texture will be created on canvas and paper. These can be lovely pieces on their own. You can also commission a portrait or other artwork from your session.  These can be created in a variety of sizes or media based on what you would like to see. Take a look at the portfolio page for samples and ideas. 

Interested in Collaborating?

Send a message with your ideas and questions. We will follow up within a day or two. Our current studio location is in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Travel to other locations is also possible. Package options and pricing will be provided in our reply. 

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